Second Opinion

Second Opinion

When it comes to COVID-19, we mean serious business. Our clinic wants to help anyone affected by COVID, and to help them recover from its lingering effects. We will take a look at your health and offer a comprehensive plan for you to follow and heal. Post Covid Centers enables a patient, family member, or employer to set up a consultation with a specialist in person, over the phone, or via a virtual conference.

We can review a previous injury, your COVID symptoms/discharge notes, or a physician diagnosis so that we can double check you are getting the best treatment for your conditions. We specialize in many fields including neurosurgery, cardiology, orthopedics, chiropractic services, physical therapy, and pain management to name a few.

How it works

Our second opinion process is designed to help our patients understand a diagnosis and make sure that it is an accurate one. We begin by giving your case to one of our physicians to review, and we will assign a specialist best suited to your needs. They will review your case with you, over the phone, by video conference, or in person. We make sure our physicians make note of what patients are feeling, think, and capture this information for your primary care doctor.

Once we finish reviewing your case we can then help you find in-network providers who will best suit your needs. This process can take as little as 24 hours and have you scheduled for treatment the next day.