Globalized Multispecialist Care for Long Haulers

Globalized Multispecialist Care for Long Haulers

The novel coronavirus forced us to completely revolutionize the ways we deliver healthcare. Platforms like or zoom have played a significant part in addressing many of the problems that came with the pandemic. Telehealth offers a method of caring for patients that protects both patients and providers from getting or spreading the virus. It also addressed one of the major systemic structural problems with our healthcare system currently- care has increasing become more and more inaccessible and inequitable. With online platforms, patients that normally wouldn’t be able to access healthcare due to their circumstances, background, or location are able to overcome one of those barriers to the healthcare they need.

We know some patients that are located nearby and visit in person are also international patients who are here either temporarily or have recently arrived. International patients often have questions regarding how we care for them, commonly about our methods of collaborating with your doctors abroad to transition your care smoothly and our ability to continue providing care if and when you travel back home. We know our goal of helping you reach your fullest wellness is shared by your doctors, and we understand the fundamental importance of collaborating closely and frequently with the doctors that know you best. We’re able to tailor treatment to your specific needs only by first taking the time to fully understand your health status holistically. We’re then able to deliver the necessary care to you regardless of your location because of that close collaboration with your doctors, who then coordinate the care you need locally according to your specific treatment plan.

International Prices

Our policy of clear and transparent prices also extends to our international long haulers. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all or just want to learn more about the care we can offer you.

Initial Visit $275
Follow Up Visit $150