Specialties -

    • Vascular Surgery
    • Carotid artery disease
    • Carotid Endarterectomy

Education & Experience -

  • Ny Hospital Med Center Of Queens
    (Residency Hospital)
  • University Tx Southwestern Med School
    (Residency Hospital)
  • Waterbury Hospital Health Center
    (Residency Hospital)
  • King Edward Medical College
    (Medical School)

Ahsan Ali



Dr. Ahsan Ali is a distinguished vascular surgeon who specializes in treating carotid artery disease and carotid endarterectomy, abdominal aortic aneurysm, carotid stenosis, varicose veins and circulatory blockages of the arms and legs.

Dr. Ali knows that patients who have recovered from Covid-19 have been experiencing heart issues like abnormal heart rhythm, heart dysfunction and arrhythmias. He has had many patients complaining about having heart problems who are fit.

This is why Dr. Ali is offering teleconsultations for national & international patients. This makes it easier for patients who live far away or can’t afford to come to the US, to get a chance for expert treatment.


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