Commonly Reported Post COVID-19 Symptoms

Shortness of breath
Hemoptysis (Coughing up blood)
Chest pain
Palpitations (pounding heart)
Changes in your sense of smell or taste
Changes in mood
Difficulty concentrating
Memory Problems
Muscle pains
Joint pains
Sleep disturbances
Intermittent fevers
Hair loss

It is important to remember that this is not a comprehensive list, and while certain symptoms may not seem related to COVID, you should still be assessed by a doctor to ensure that this is not a sign of underlying pathology.

Why is a Post COVID Center best suited for “long haulers”?

We know that post COVID syndrome affects anyone, and any organ system. So, it makes sense that we would need multiple specialists to address all of the resulting damage. But why is it beneficial to have all of your specialists under one roof? While the convenience of completing multiple visits on the same day at the same place cannot be understated, the quality of care you receive also increases with this model. You may have experienced the frustration of going from specialist to specialist, only to have to wait for your patient notes to be transferred from one office to the next, and then wait again while your doctor reads the notes before finally getting back to you. At our Post Covid Centers, each of our specialists has a pretty short commute to the other specialists- around a minute, maybe two if they stroll slowly. You’ll often find our Interventional Cardiologist and Psychiatrist chatting over a cup of coffee in our café. What does this mean practically for you? It means that every single symptom you have is looked at from multiple angles. What do pulmonology, cardiology, and psychiatry have in common? You might be able to figure that out when you look at the multiple symptoms that repeat in multiple different organ systems. Something as innocuous as fatigue can be caused by many different systems in your body, from your musculoskeletal system, all the way to your vascular structures. That’s why we make it our goal to ensure every single symptom you experience is addressed from many different angles, and treated while keeping all of you in mind. Our overarching goal is to treat you holistically. This means we target the underlying root pathology behind all of your symptoms. But perhaps even more pressingly in post COVID syndrome, we aim to detect any dysfunction in your body’s normal functioning. Over time, this dysfunction can eventually lead to further complications, for instance, a heart attack or stroke. By detecting it and addressing it as early as possible, we aim to avoid those worsened health outcomes in the future. We want you to get back to living life to the fullest, without worrying about what you’ve left in the past- the infection you fought and beat. To survivors everywhere, we want to say: you are seen, and what you are going through is real. Our specialists know this and work constantly to expand their knowledge of this rapidly evolving syndrome. While no one person can stay on top of all the constantly updated research and information on COVID, each specialist can take on one part. And then the magic happens- they openly discuss with each other to create a constantly evolving understanding of not just COVID, but also post COVID syndrome. Their overarching goal? To help you reach your fullest wellness.