Chronic Cough After Covid-19 Recovery

Coughing is one of the most well-known symptoms of any respiratory illness and therefore, its not surprising that Covid-19 is also leaving patients hacking their lungs out.

However, if the coughing persists even after you’ve recovered from Covid-19, it becomes a problem. Many patients who call themselves ‘Covid-19 longhaulers’ are experiencing persistent coughing as a symptom of Post-Covid Syndrome.

The symptoms of Post-Covid Syndrome cannot be predicted right now as an absolute list because its affecting patients to varying degrees. Some are experiencing mild symptoms and a relatively normal life, but some people are suffering debilitating symptoms which may not let them lead their life the way they were used to.

Not only is coughing associated with Post-Covid syndrome dangerous to the patient, but its also help spread the infection via droplets released in the air. In addition to that, coughing in public nowadays subjects people to hostile stares and behaviour as a result of stigma of the pandemic.

Antitussive medications are preferred by patients who have cold or the flu. But its not apparent whether they are effective on Covid-19 patients. Till the time e don’t have medications for Post Covid Syndrome, we will just have to study its effects on the nervous system of patients.

Dry cough is associated with the patients who have been infected with Covid-19. 50% of the patients have reported coughing in combination with loss of smell, loss of taste, fatigue and shortness of breath.


The presence of cough with the loss of smell and taste indicates that Covid-19 is causing inflammation in the brain or spinal cord, especially after the virus interacts with the vagus nerve.

Lung tissue has been found to be severely damaged in patients who have recovered from Covid-19 and those who had pneumonia during the infection are prone to persistent coughing aven after recovering.

Gabapentin and pregabalin have been effective in managing chronic refractory cough caused by Post Covid Syndrome, but more research is needed to devise an FDA-approved treatment regimen for chronic cough caused by Post Covid Syndrome.

If you are experiencing chronic coughing after suffering from Covid-19, consult our specialists at Post Covid Recovery Centers in Texas.

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