Why are two doses of COVID vaccination important?

In many countries of the world, the process of administering the Covid-19 vaccine of different companies is going on or we can say almost completed. Millions of people have been given its first dose. An announcement has been made worldwide to start with vaccination drives immediately at full swing. At such a time, it is important for us to clear all kinds of misconceptions about the vaccine.

The governments of various nations have also called for being cautious of any kind of rumors floating about it. Rumors have also gained strength because even after getting the vaccine, information about some people getting infected with covid has come into existence. We should know all the real facts behind it so that we do not become victims of misunderstandings.

The real reason behind getting infected with covid after vaccination - Immunity builds up slowly against the virus

In California, USA, a male nurse was administered the first dose of Pfizer Covid vaccine on 18 December 2020. After 6 days he started feeling very cold, muscle pain started and he started feeling very tired. His covid-19 test was positive on 26 December 2020.

There was concern that why did that person become corona infected after 8 days of getting the vaccine? But, experts have found that it was the misfortune of the nurse that happened to him. It is feared that he was infected with Covid-19 around the same day he was vaccinated. This is the reason that the symptoms started showing after 6 days. It is important to clear the misconception that once you get the vaccine, you will be protected from it. So, immunity builds slowly against the virus and this takes time.

Second dose of Covid vaccination

How safe will you be after taking just one shot?

Everyone needs two doses of the vaccine. In such a situation, questions are also arising in the minds of people about how much protection we will get from this virus after taking one dose? To understand this, one has to know the changes in the vaccination campaign of the particular nation

Earlier, a gap of 3 weeks was to be kept between the two doses. Now a strategy has been made to apply the first dose of the vaccine to as many people as possible and the second dose should be administered within 12 weeks. This has been planned. This has happened because the first dose is also very effective, but it will have its effect only when it gets sufficient time to get activated in the body.

Better to be late than take two doses with no time gap

Unpublished data suggest that the difference between the first and second doses of the vaccine greatly increases its overall effectiveness. It was already claimed about the Oxford vaccine that when the vaccine is reintroduced after the first dose, it becomes 30% more effective, but now it has become clear that the distance in dosage is important. WHO agency quoted “We think it is very beneficial to keep a difference between those two doses instead of just two doses for better results.”

How much difference can be beneficial in two doses?

After 21 days, the first dose alone is 70% effective. However, when a second dose is given after 3 months (after 12 weeks) instead of 1 month, the overall effectiveness increases to 80%. This situation is good for both the people and the government. The advantage of this is that the first dose of the vaccine can be administered to as many people as possible in the shortest possible time. The same strategy proves to be effective worldwide.

Efficacy of Covid vaccination

Can taking only one dose work?

Now the question may arise that when the first dose is more effective, then perhaps the second dose may not be required. But, that’s not the case.

In the clinical trials of these vaccines, it has already come to light that the very first dose gives us a lot of protection against this virus. For example, according to a report in The Washington Post, 'The first dose of Pfizer-BioNTech is 82% effective and the first dose of Moderna's vaccine is 92% effective after two weeks. In such a situation, the need for a second dose keeps your immunity stable for a long time.

Now that we have cleared your myths about the COVID vaccine, you are well prepared and ready for your second dose. Do not miss your turn of getting vaccinated for 2 nd dose.

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