Whether to be infected or not to be: COVID 19

Asymptomatic COVID 19 Percentage Cases

What to do: When there are no visible symptoms but still you are COVID Positive?

Majorly over 190 million individuals have got infected with COVID-19 since late 2019 as per the inputs of the World Health Organization (WHO). Similarly, many other persons are prone and vulnerable to getting contaminated by this virus but never received a confirmation test result about it with regards to asymptomatic COVID-19 testing near you.

You might have had COVID-19 already without your conscious awareness. Notwithstanding it is not possible to understand and realize for sure confirmation of this virus infection unless and until you undergo an antibody test. And even a positive antibody test appears with a minimum probability of a false positive with respect to asymptomatic COVID-19 CDC

The most probable manner to realize that you had COVID-19 is if you had peculiar COVID-19 symptoms and encountered a positive diagnostic COVID-19 test when you were sick. But even “gold standard” PCR tests appear with a probability of a false negative result implying that you have COVID-19, but the test results imply that you do not hold the disease but still asymptomatic COVID isolation is the need of the hour.

If you did not opt-out for a positive asymptomatic COVID-19 testing when you were sick, it is harder to know and realize if you ever contracted the disease or not.

Avoid Asymptomatic COVID 19 exposure by wearing your mask your safety

There are no exact and precise visible signs and symptoms that you already contracted COVID-19. But at the same time there are some generic probable symptoms about experiencing COVID-19 infection:

  • Pink eye
  • Loss of taste or smell
  • Fatigue

But again, these are GENERIC PROBABLE SYMPTOMS that cannot prove detection of COVID 19 under any circumstances. But at the same time asymptomatic COVID-19 quarantine is advisable.

Are you infected with the deadly coronavirus but the symptoms are not visible? Then you are encountering asymptomatic COVID-19 cdc?

Blood tests that ensure and check for exposure to the coronavirus are beginning to come online as well as preliminary examinations and investigations suggest that majorly people have been infected with this dreadful infection actually without being consciously aware of it. Hence examination as well as investigation of asymptomatic COVID exposure becomes considerably significant. Even people who do gradually start experiencing the common symptoms of COVID-19 usually start coughing as well as spiking fevers the moment they get contaminated with any sort of virus and infection.

Health Professional Research Analysts clarify to a certain extent regarding the elaborate distinction between what is known and what is not about asymptomatic cases of COVID-19 testing.

What is the common probability for the masses to get infected as well as cope with the viruses without being aware of it?

On a generic note, contracting without realizing and knowing any symptoms is a very common phenomenon. Perhaps the major unpopular instance was Typhoid Mary who spread typhoid fever to other persons without having any noticeable symptoms herself in the early 1900s. This was the ugly face of asymptomatic COVID Exposure wherein the patient never comes to know about the sickness in the form of symptoms.

Health professionals and research analysts have observed that majorly infections are fought off and combated by the body without the even slight realization and knowledge of the disease. For instance when health professional research analysts followed children for infection by the parasite Cryptosporidium, one of the major underlying reasons for diarrhea, nearly half of those with infections reflected no symptoms at all. On a similar note asymptomatic COVID 19 percentage cases are on a high level in the USA and all across the globe.

In the case of the flu, estimates and evaluations are that anywhere from 5% to 25% of the infections prevail without any symptoms. For the most part, symptoms are basically and primarily a side effect of the body's coping mechanisms against infection. It takes a little period for the immune system to rally and activate that defense mechanism. Thus, certain cases are more aptly considered presymptomatic rather than asymptomatic. But in the scenario of asymptomatic COVID 19 percentage cases due care and diligence in the form of asymptomatic COVID 19 quarantine and asymptomatic COVID-19 isolation become considerably mandatory.

Empower yourself with this pandemic by accepting asymptomatic COVID 19  testing

How is it possible that someone can spread coronavirus even if they are not coughing and sneezing?

Every individual is on guard against the hazardous droplets that spray out from a coronavirus patient’s single cough or sneeze. They are a very crucial and huge cause behind public health officials compelling everyone to wear masks. Since the asymptomatic COVID 19 percentage cases are on a high rise, asymptomatic COVID 19 testing near me has become a huge hype in the USA

But at the same time, the virus also spreads through normal exhalations that can carry as well as spread tiny droplets consisting of the virus. A regular breath might spread the virus several feet or more.

It has been observed that virus spread could also come from fomites- surfaces such as a doorknob or a grocery cart handle, that are infected and contaminated with the coronavirus by an infected individual’s touch. Hence asymptomatic CCOVID 19 quarantine and asymptomatic COVID 19 isolation are the need of the hour in the present scenario.

Asymptomatic COVID 19 quarantine and isolation would shun this pandemic commotion

What is known so far about how contagious and vulnerable an asymptomatic person might be?

Irrespective of the fact that if you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, you must stringently self-quarantine yourself for a minimum entire period of 14 days incubation period. Even if you feel alright and fine, you are still prone to the threat and risk of carrying this havoc on others. Thus adhere to asymptomatic COVID 19 quarantine and asymptomatic COVID 19 isolation norms and protocol stringently.

In the present scenario and very recently it has been observed and witnessed that high levels of the virus prevail in the respiratory secretions during the “presymptomatic” period that can persist about days to more than a week before the fever and cough characteristics of COVID-19 surge and emerge outside the body by being a visible sickness. Thus this scenario has been accelerating asymptomatic COVID 19 percentage cases in the USA.

This potential capability of the virus to be transmitted by people without showing visible symptoms is a crucial reason behind the occurrence of the pandemic. To identify out of the entire asymptomatic COVID 19 percentage cases of people, how many individuals are immune to anti-coronavirus antibodies in their blood, health professional departments have sampled the public. For instance, at the grocery store in New York, Xinhua News Agency via Getty Images.

After acquiring an asymptomatic COVID 19 exposure infection, would someone still possess antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 in their blood? This is an intriguing question revolving in the minds of health professional research analysts.

Majorly individuals are developing antibodies after recovery from COVID-19. Similarly, those people as well as who are actually without symptoms. It is a fair reasonable assumption from what scientists have become aware of other coronaviruses, that those antibodies would procure some remedial measure of protection from reinfection. But nothing is evidently known and proved for sure yet with regards to asymptomatic COVID 19 exposure as well as asymptomatic COVID 19 testing.

The very present serosurveys in New York City that examine and investigate people's blood for antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 imply that as many people as in one in five residents might have been previously infected with asymptomatic COVID-19 exposure. Their immune systems had combated off the coronavirus whether they had known about the very fact that they were asymptomatic COVID-19 exposure infected or not and major individuals apparently did not understand the unknown procurement and passing away of this dreadful virus owing to their strong immunity and presence of antibodies in their system.

What is the probability of asymptomatic COVID-19 percentage becoming contagious and widespread?

Nobody is quite aware for sure and for the present scenario, much of the evidence is anecdotal.

For a small instance and case, it must be considered that the nursing home in Washington where major residents were found to be infected. Twenty-three among them were tested as positive cases. Ten among them were already sick and ill. Another ten more gradually contracted these symptoms. But three people who were tested as positive never encountered any of the illness or symptoms thus subsequently resulting in asymptomatic COVID 19 percentage.

When the health experts and doctors tested around three hundred and ninety-seven people staying at a homeless shelter in Boston, approximately thirty-six percent emerged as positive for COVID-19 and none of them showed any complaint of any of these symptoms. This observation confirmed rising statistics of asymptomatic COVID 19 percentage as well as asymptomatic COVID 19 percentage. So, the health experts were perplexed that whether it was the immunity strength of the positive individuals or variance in the virus investigation or what else which kept these specific positive cases intact and symptom-free is a crucial question of research as many answers and anecdotal evidence makes this asymptomatic COVID-19 testing a more complex and complicated subject matter for the health professionals, experts as well as regulatory authorities.

Take Away:

In the wake of this pandemic when in the case of Japanese citizens who were compelled to evacuate themselves from Wuhan and China, these persons were found positive with asymptomatic COVID 19 testing. Entirely thirty percent of those were infected with asymptomatic Coronavirus. An Italian pre-print study that has not been peer-reviewed concluded that forty-three percent who were found to be positive for COVID-19 reflected no symptoms of any worrisome concern. The researchers identified no single difference between how potentially contagious patients whether with or without symptoms were a threat in spreading this asymptomatic COVID 19 exposure menace like wildfire. This observation was based on how much of the virus the test ascertained in individuals’ blood samples.

The antibody serosurveys have been getting underway in various different parts of the country adding further evidence that a commendable number probably anywhere from around ten percent to forty percent of those infected might not experience these symptoms.

On the other hand, asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infection is found to be very common and would continue and persist to lead to complicated attempts to procure the pandemic under immediate and apt control.

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