Are People Pausing Healthcare Services Due to the Pandemic?

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the rising costs of healthcare, people are avoiding going to doctors for previously existing diseases.

This is in part due to the fear of contracting the disease from hospitals, clinics and during the visit to the healthcare organizations and due to the lockdowns imposed by the government. Due to the pointless debates on wearing masks, Covid-19 cases are rising every day.

Mia Jameson, a 49 year old woman suffering from severe lower back pain due to sciatica, has reduced her regular doctor visits to once per six months due to this very reason.

Another reason for the halt in doctor visits is the loss of livelihood and/or loss of health insurance due to layoffs by companies. Many people are facing unemployment and therefore are not being able to afford going to the doctor’s office.

This has led to a ‘pause-demic’ where people are pausing treatment for their pre-existing conditions till the pandemic is over or till they get vaccinated.

A Gallup poll and a Kaiser Family Foundation survey has found that women are more likely to neglect their health during the pandemic and avoid getting treatment to save money for family members who might need care more than them.

Postponing receiving expert care for serious conditions requiring cancer screenings, elective surgeries, and heart conditions, blood pressure, & emergency care can cause relapses and the worsening of conditions.

What will happen if you postpone receiving medical attention due to the pandemic?

People are postponing elective surgeries like knee replacements, hysterectomies, and cancer biopsies. Delaying these surgeries can have a negative impact on the patients’ quality of life.

It has led to their symptoms getting worse and the diseases advancing into fatal stages. It may be too late by the time the pandemic is averted.

If you or anyone you know can afford healthcare but is procrastinating going to the doctor’s office, we have teleconsultations available for you.

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